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Are there any potential side effects from taking Chinese herbal medicine?

It is important you are prescribed Chinese herbal medicine by a qualified and experienced practitioner. Dr Kirk Wilson at Meridian Healing Centre is a qualified and an experienced Chinese herbal medicine practitioner. This however does not exclude the potential of unwanted side effects. Research into the side effects of the herbs used in Chinese medicine is in its infancy. More testing is needed, especially on humans. If you have any concerns about this mater, it is best you address this question with Dr Wilson during your consultation.

Another consideration with Chinese herbal medicine is the taste of the decoctions. Chinese herbal medicine can have a strong taste. The degree of how strong the decoction tastes is dependent on which herbs are included in the formula and the respective dosages of these herbs.

The strong taste of Chinese herbs can be easily remedied by a number of methods. The simplest is to reduce the amount of water used to dissolve the granules. Less water allows for the decoction to be drunk much faster with less contact with your taste buds. If this doesn’t work, try using a mouth wash or a strong-tasting fruit drink to rinse your mouth out afterwards. Make sure you do not drink whatever you use to wash your mouth, as the herbs are meant to be taken on an empty stomach. If none of these methods work, ask Dr Wilson and he will try to adjust your prescription so as to make the taste more palatable.