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Can I buy the Chinese herbal medicine dispensed at Meridian Healing Centre over the counter?

No. The Chinese herbal medicine formulas dispensed by Dr Kirk Wilson at Meridian Healing Centre are customised and mixed from scratch. Consistent with the Chinese Medicine model, each individual herb and its dosages is selected to address how each patient presents at an energetic level. This can often involve complicated and idiosyncratic (unique) combinations of energetic imbalances. In contrast, premade over the counter products lack the flexibility to fully adhere to this model of medicine.

Chinese herbal pills and tablets which can be bought over the counter are based on traditional or classic Chinese herbal medicine formulas. This means their ingredients and dosages are fixed. They cannot be customised nor tailored to treat the specific imbalance as presented in each patient. Due to the complexity of Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnosis, it is very unlikely your imbalances will have an exact matching classical formula. This renders premade Chinese herbal pills and tablets to be robust and brings their efficacy under question.

Over the counter Chinese herbal medicine products also have the tendency to be characterised by low dosages. These dosages are often far less that what will be dispensed by a registered practitioner.

If you are considering using Chinese herbal medicine, it is well worth your time to seek the advice of a registered practitioner. This will help you find a herbal formula which will be better suited to your needs.