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Some acupuncture sessions involve cupping, what is it? 

Cupping involves the application of glass cups onto the surface of the body using suction. It is administered at the end of an acupuncture session and is mostly used to bring blood into the muscles.

Cupping is not unique to Traditional Chinese Medicine. Countries around the Mediterranean, Eastern Europe and the Middle East have their traditional therapies which also utilise cupping. Each of these traditions has their own respective use for cupping.

Dr Kirk Wilson at Meridian Healing Centre uses the traditional Chinese method of cupping. This is done by placing a flame inside the glass cup to burn the oxygen thus creating a vacuum. Before the vacuum effect is lost, Dr Wilson places the cup quickly in place on the skin. The skin is then sucked up into the cup so that the cup remains fixed. To remove the cup, Dr Wilson simply places his finger in the edge of the cup to release the seal.

This all may sound painful, but it is not. Many acupuncture patients at Meridian healing Centre consider cupping to be their favourite part of their protocol. Cupping does leave behind mild bruising. The bruising can last up to approximately four to five days. All things being equal, bruising will be more pronounced when either the cupping is strongly applied or when applied to areas with significant muscular tension. Bruising may be also pronounced for patient who have a history of bruising easily. If you are unsure about cupping, let Dr Wilson know, he will adjust your protocol accordingly.