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What is in Chinese herbal medicine?

It is common among those who are new to Chinese herbal medicine to have trepidation about ingesting something of which they are unfamiliar. Many potential patients have the idea that all Chinese medicinal herbs are strange and exotic. Granted, within the materia medica of Chinese herbal medicine there are some herbs which are strange and exotic, but very few herbs fit this description. There is no need to be concerned because the vast majority of medicinal Chinese herbs are plant based. They are either in the form of twigs, stems, leaves, flowers, seeds, roots, fruit or grasses.

Examples of some of the common Chinese herbs are chrysanthemum, peppermint, ginger, shallots, peppermint, licorice root, yam root, almond kernel, cinnamon, honey suckle flower and dandelion. See, there is no need to worry. From these examples you can see Chinese herbal medicine is not so strange and exotic after all.

Dr Kirk Wilson at Meridian Healing Centre understands that many patients do have concerns about what exactly are Chinese herbs. Within the Meridian Healing Centre is a wall mounted display which exhibits all the Chinese herbs which Dr Wilson dispenses. If you have any concerns, or if you are interested to see exactly what it is you are taking, let Dr Wilson know and he with point out the herbs used in your prescription.

At times Dr Wilson may deem it necessary to prescribe herbs which are animal based. The only herbs which are dispensed at Meridian Healing Centre which are not plant based are abalone shell and cow bone. If Dr Wilson prefers to prescribe these herbs, he will ask your permission. There are no secrets at Meridian Healing Centre. If any philosophical/ethical or religious reasons restrict your diet, let Dr Wilson know and he will be happy to accommodate your needs.