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Why does Meridian Healing Centre dispense granulated Chinese herbs?

Dr Kirk Wilson at Meridian Healing Centre chooses to dispense granulated Chinese herbal medicine for reasons of consistency in potency, the importation process and convenience for patients.

The granulated Chinese herbs dispensed at Meridian Healing Centre are refined in reputable factories in Asia. These factories are able to manipulate the manufacturing process so that the granules produced have a consistent potency.

When raw Chinese herbs are imported into Australia, they are done so in large sacks. When the customs and quarantine officials inspect the herbs, they empty the sacks and spray the herbs with pesticides. These pesticides are said to contain heavy metals.

Raw Chinese herbs can take up to two hours to prepare. They are required to be soaked, slowly brought to boil and then cooled down before they can be ingested. In contrast, granulated herbs take only as long to prepare as it takes to boil the kettle.