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General Questions

What information do I need to bring to my first consultation?

What you need to bring to your first consultation at Meridian Healing Centre will depend on what type of condition you require to be treated.

If you are coming to receive acupuncture for a muscular skeletal condition, bring along any information you have from any doctors or specialists you have seen. There is no need to bring the films of the scans, but definitely bring the reports which accompany the scans. This will allow Kirk to better understand the condition and in turn he will then be able to custom tailor an acupuncture treatment which will best treat your condition.
If you are coming for a condition which is not muscular skeletal, you do not need to bring anything. If you have been diagnosed by a medical doctor it is preferable you are clear as to what exactly is your diagnosis.

Most importantly for acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine is for you to be clear on how you feel and the state of your general health. The diagnostic system in Traditional Chinese Medicine focuses on many aspects of health which modern medicine considers being subclinical. Subclinical means the signs and symptoms experienced by the patient are thought to not be of clinical significance and therefore, do not require treatment. Traditional Chinese Medicine in contrast, considers all indicators of health important no matter how insignificant they may feel. To assist Kirk in making a superior diagnosis, he advises patients to be aware of how they feel in the days preceding their initial appointment at Meridian Healing Centre. Have you been tired lately? What are the consistency and frequency of your stools? How have you been sleeping? Etc.